Friday, August 20, 2010

Is This Thing On?

This is a story I received from my sister-in-law Crystal about her interaction with Little Dude during our last trip back "home".

I forgot about taking this picture, until I was going through my cell phone today. When we came over to hang on the hockey jersey night, Liam and I went inside and he wanted to play with his "wrench.". I couldn't find it so I said I think it might be downstairs by your work bench. Want to go check? He said "sure" mixed in with other chit chatting. He threw in a few Aunt Crysss-tal's. It was a good time. So we got down in the basement and we went to the work bench to find the wrench.. While we were playing I handed him the little red phone that is in that picture... and that's when it all went something like...

Me: "Call Uncle Chris and see what he is up to."
Liam: (took the phone from me, looked at the front, looked at the back)
Me: "Do you want me to dial the number for you sweetie?"
Liam: "Sure"
Me: (I dialed and handed it back to him.)
Liam: (He carefully puts it up to his ear.) "Need Batt...ter...rieees, Phone Broke-kennn.. *pause* Uncle Chris?"
Me: "Oh! hmmm.... Here use this phone" (handed Liam my cell phone)
Liam: "Works!"

It sort of made me feel like he was like "Come on Aunt Crystal, I'm far beyond the play phone let's see your touch phone!"

It kind of just stopped me in my tracks, because I was just sitting there amazed with the way that he handled the whole thing. It really cracked me up.


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