Wednesday, July 14, 2010


For some time, make that 2 years and change we have lamented from time to time that we don't have family out here. For simple things like a doctor's appointmentwhere Tim has to take off work or I have to take Liam to a place with sick people or to have a date night or run simultaneous errands.And, of course the extra snuggles and loves for Liam from family would be awesome.

However, in the week leading up to Liam's birthday it became evident that we could no longer make those claims. We have a wonderful East Coast Family (ECF). Our friend Jodi e-mailed to see if she could watch Liam so Tim and I could have a date (Even though I had to work--darn bills that need paying.). Then, on Monday before we had company another friend, Alisyne offered to watch Liam for 2 hours so I could run to Party City and the grocery store while Liam got to play with his good friend Noah.

I also got Tim tickets to a concert by the band that we first connected with (he burned me CD's of theirs instead of bringing flowers on our first date). It is only possible for us to go because of the generosity of our friends Jamie and James who are watching Liam for the night.

We are blessed to have such wonderful and amazing people in our lives. They are the "village" that helps us to raise Liam and we just want to send a big thanks out to our East Coast Family: P & R, Jamie & James, Suzanne & Chris, Alisyne & Chris, and Jodi & Scott.


  1. Awesome! So glad you went to all of those luncheons!!

  2. Wow and thanks for the shout out! We are so blessed to have the Enders family in our life also. BTW - you still have a rain check on that night out - anytime!


  3. That's fantastic. Asking for help is hard, but when you have good friends, it's not as hard, because you know you would do the same for them. You get what you give...

  4. Aww - thanks :o) we are so glad to have met you, Tim, and Liam and rest of the gang. We are truly blessed to have a wonderful extended family! ~Alisyne

  5. Thanks! We love you guys and are so happy to have met all of you! I think we have a great supportive group!


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