Friday, June 4, 2010

Take A Moment

This post is for the work-outside-the-home parents.

The next time you are at work and you find the need to use the loo, I'd like you to take a moment to appreciate the relative quiet serenity with which you find yourself. Whether that's today, tomorrow or next week--promise me you'll bask in the glow.

Because this is how it goes for me, or did at a recent trip to the nature center.

"Liam please don't touch that. No! Don't put your juice cup on the ground. Eww...yuck. Liam don't touch the silver box. PLEASE don't touch the silver box. It's yucky. (sigh) No thank you. No, I don't need any toilet, not the whole roll. We're not going to flush yet, we can't put all that toliet paper in the bowl. Please, don't sit on the ground. Please don't put your fingers in your mouth after touching the ground...(wince). We're almost't open the lock...don' opens) (Liam to woman waiting..."Hi!")...could you please shut the door for us? Thanks. Liam, don't put your juice cup on the back of the toilet. No. You can't crawl into the next stall. Please don't drink from you cup, it's been on the floor and the toliet...

(In defeat, I decide I'll just go when I get home.)


  1. HAHAHAHA - yes I try to avoid the bathroom on outings as much as possible too - and actually had my first opening of the door while using the loo the other day - lovely! ~ Alisyne

  2. LOL! I had a similar moment when my oldest was that age. He unlocked the stall door (of course it was a handicap stall) and tried to run away!

  3. Oh Alissa.
    I'm really sorry this happened... BUT! I can't stop laughing...A LOT...I'mmm not going to lie, I read it three times because it's so hilarious. Omigosh... *breathe*

  4. I thought that was what the hook was for on the back of the door.

  5. @ Crystal: Glad it made you laugh so much. We all need more laughter in our lives. Grin. ...and biting dinosaurs.

    @ Anonymous: I'll see how hanging him from his pants on the hook works next time. This could be genius. :)


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