Saturday, June 5, 2010


This is what I heard after Liam spilled (read that: dumped) an entire box of raisins in his lap.

(to the tune of "Come out, come out, wherever you are!")

Raiiiiiiiiiiiisins, go back in the booooooooooooooooooox!

Then, to mock a little kids ditty they do in the area, he switched up the last line while making motions with the box lid.

"Open. Shut it.
Open. Shut it.
Put them in the box!"

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. Love it!!"Open Shut Them" is Evelyn's favorite song! She is occasionally opening and shutting her hands to the song too :-) Liam will have to sing it to her. She is so much more interactive now, can't wait to see the little guy with her!

  2. He's going to LOOOVE her. He loves the wee'er set. It's so funny because I haven't sang that song to him since he was really small and then BAM he whips it out and changes up the lyrics. Watch out Eminem, here comes DJ Enders. :P


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