Friday, June 11, 2010

On Guard

Balloons are the nemesis of my near 2 year old. He likes them in principal, but looses it when someone "squeaks" them.

A few weeks ago, at his final day of our Friday play group they brought in a balloon artist. We talked in the car about them and once there we had a variation of this conversation 50 times in 2 hours.

Me: Liam, oooh balloons! Want one?
Liam: No (shakes head)
Me: You could pick the color.
Liam: No (shakes head)
Me: See (insert name's) (insert animal)? Isn't it cool?
Liam: No, No, No (shakes head)

Balloon dude was on board with letting him warm up and tried to help by letting him hold the pump, etc.

At the end of the class he saw a girl with an orange sword (his favorite color AND he plays swords here ALL THE TIME). So we went up and got one, although he was still very nervous about the whole thing. As you can see in both the top and bottom photos--he was VERY proud of himself. I was very proud too!!

Unfortunately 20 minutes later, and moments after arriving home it popped.

I think he may be scarred for life, poor kiddo.


  1. That sword looks longer than he's tall! Gotta love those balloon artists. Hopefully he'll have forgotten about it next time. Either that or he'll go with something smaller. =) Love the pics

  2. What does fun Aunt Allison pick out for a present??!! Poor kid he was probably like "NOOOOO!"

  3. Awww, he's totally coming around to them. Maybe he'll let me do more than one rocket balloon soon. Grin.


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