Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whoa...What?? I'm a parent?!?!

Holy smokes! This whole parent thing just snuck up on me when I wasn't looking. We had an awesome day for our buddy planned today. We took him to his first major league baseball game. Go O's!

The game was around lunch time, so I buzzed out to the concession stand to pick us up a couple of 'dogs and drinks. And..ummm...dude I paid for the stuff like a REAL parent...and I got extra napkins...and did up his 'dog just the way he likes...and HOLY SMOKES this is stuff "parents" do.

I know I've been doing this thing for awhile, but wow it walloped me over the head today.

We also took him to the circus with a few of his buddies.

Here I found myself again standing in line for dinner (highly nutritious day, I know) and I was standing next to other parents...insane.

Aside from the smack upside the head from Captain Obvious about parenthood. It feels good to have someone else's needs in mind. It feels nice to take care of him and provide him with spectacularly special days like this.

I can't wait for more.


  1. You are such a great mom everyday. You just do it so well and without thought that you never realized before.

  2. Thanks, that AND I realized if I am expected to pay for his hot dog then I also am the one responsible for his college education. Whoa man! Grin.


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