Thursday, April 8, 2010


In Upstate New York not to far from where my hubby grew up their is a wind farm and I am just in love with these metal behemoths. If I lived closer I can imagine spending an hour once a week just parked on the side of the road listening to them whir while gazing into their hypnotic blades. I find them to be incredibly serene.

And, as I find myself insanely overwhelmed tonight--it seemed the right thing to post.



  1. very cool. we have a lot of wind power on teh west coast didn't know there was any on the east coast. my dad is from Terrytown new york, graduated from there and never went back after college. someday I will make a longer trip (did a day trip there) and see more of that state. I have great ambitions for traveling no doubt. hope you are better today

  2. I am better and yay for Fenner (town with the windmills) indeed.


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