Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are, but the house I lived in when I was small had a tree that bloomed these same blossoms. As Liam and I were walking around the neighborhood the other day I noticed this tree and began to wax poetic in my mind about times past.

Liam seemed to be as enchanted with them in person as I was in my mind. In my mind they reminded me of a time when I was happy with my world. (I guess an elementary student doesn't have too much to be upset about.) But after we moved, and my parents divorced I spent nearly every moment NOT being present in life...always wishing I was somewhere else. Imagining myself someplace else until Liam came along. Going to all his activities has finally grounded me here in Baltimore. He has allowed me to be comfortable having roots in a place. He has allowed me to connect to the people and places here in a way that I haven't been able to do in a long time.

And, then he reminded me that everything has the possibility to be something else, something cooler. Like, say if you put said flower into your busy ball popper you can make snow indoors.


  1. Alissa,
    It's a Cherry Blossom Tree. Cute pix.

  2. You have allowed him to experience some pretty neat stuff there momma! Flowers have a way of bringing us back to a time and place, kind of like music and smells...I guess all of our senses do that.

  3. @Crystal: Interesting, because it doesn't look anything like the cherry blossoms in DC. Makes sense there could be more than one variety though.

    @Nana: I love that he thought to put them in the popper and turn it on. He's such a character.

  4. Hey Alissa.

    I know that there are quite a few different kinds at least 5 or more. I'm sure there might even be more then that.

    I absolutely love these trees because of how beautiful they are. BUT... As beautiful as these trees are, they also attract little yellow and black furry demons. Therefore I always look fast and go Wow those are gorgeous! AHH Bees! ::RUN:: ::Screaming:: lol..
    Miss you!!

  5. Ah, bring back tree memories for me too. I was told it was a "quantam cherry" and yes, it was a sight to behold. Mom

  6. @Crystal: I always think of bees and your wedding when you almost ran out to avoid the fuzzy little dude. Too funny.

    @Mom: And, it was the perfect size for climbing. :)


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