Thursday, April 22, 2010

The rest of the story...

Last night I posted "Roses & Lilies" hoping for more than one response and one e-mail, but c'est la vie internet.

Here's the deal.


Birthday & Anniversary? No.

2nd Baby: Nooooo.

My husband has a serious car affliction. He loves cars so much that we have to park ours 6 miles from the entrances to restaurants and shopping malls 'lest anyone breathe on it the wrong way. Love you, honey!

Tim has asked me to take off a weekend from work this Spring so that he could attend a car show and then a few weeks ago he saw me writing in work for the following weekend and he gave me a "look". A "Please don't work that day, I kinda already made plans." look. As luck would have it there was a car show that weekend that he'd like to go to even more so than the one the weekend before and couldn't I please bail on the work. He even asked about it again last Saturday.

That same Saturday my colleage was trying to figure out a way to find a sub on the "first" car show weekend. Soooo, to make everyone's weekends I agreed to work her shift on the weekend I had taken off if she could work the next alone with an intern. And, voila both parties are happy.

Tim and his car dudes are so happy that Tim bought me the roses and his car dudes bought me the irises.

I kid you not.

Flowers from men I have never met.



  1. Hmmmm.....I guess that means I owe you flowers too? :)


  2. And wheeeeeee, it works!!!!!


  3. totally owe me flowers, or chocolate at the very least. LOL!

    Hooray for being able to comment.

  4. THAT is seriously too funny love it

  5. Awe, you are a good wifey. Thing is, now that your hubs cashed in on the flower thing, he will really have to step it up for Mother's day. ;)


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