Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch with the Elephants

Every year when the Circus comes to town one of the many open air markets in Baltimore, Lexington Market, hosts lunch for the elephants with and 11,000 pound vegetarian buffet. We hadn't been before and really enjoyed ourselves. We got there an hour before hand and were still several rows back. Apparently the people in Baltimore are serious about their elephant watching. Here are the buffets they had set out. They added more food as it went along, including watermelons that they smashed with their feet.

The clowns kept the crowd entertained while we waited for the "stars" to arrive. They even kicked the band out and sang some tunes (badly) and hammered out a few tunes on the drums. (We are not pictured below, it was just the best shot we could get of the clown.)
Here they come!! Yay! I think this was actually the most exciting part of the event. After waiting for an hour, it was great to see these guys coming in. They had them walk over from the arena a few blocks away. Can you imagine the person having to call their boss?? "Um..yeah...I'm going to be a little late. There are elephants walking down the street in front of me.".
And, here they are enjoying their "nummy" lunch. I particularly like the third one from the left who has his trunk swung way over to get some sort of delicious morsel.


  1. oh my gosh what a fun event I love it

  2. It was great. The clowns were really wonderful before hand. They gave all the kids clown noses, which of course they wanted their parents to wear. :)


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