Friday, April 9, 2010

Fire Alarm

This is a new fire alarm installed at a place I work occasionally and it makes SO MUCH SENSE. In the event of an actual fire, life the lid and push. How easy is that?!?!

No lift this lever then push or pull and most of the regular ones have a little bar in them that you have to break so some dye gets on your hand in the event that you pulled it when there wasn't really a fire. That way they can figure out who pulled it, but in the event of an actual fire it just seems to make things more complicated.

I would love to see these instituted in schools and other places with young children around because they are something a child could easily do to call for help if needed.

And, I really feel like if some one or some kid is going to pull an alarm as a prank they are going to do it regardless of the type of alarm. So why not make it easier for the times when people really need help??


  1. nice. our building alarm goes off about once every other month because someone has pulled it drives me batty so loud and disruptive.

  2. I agree with you. I have worked at many school and the alarm goes off regardless. Dirty hands really isn't a deterrent...meanwhile if there really was a fire....


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