Sunday, March 14, 2010

Want vs. Wait

Here's the deal folks, I don't walk into my doctor's office with some issue and then try to tell him/her how to do their job because I took one Biology course back in high school a million and a half years ago.

Therefore, I'd appreciate not being corrected by folks who have taken two sign language courses. I understand that somehow in your cute little head that makes you an expert. I mean, 2 classes...whoa Nelly! But, just because you can make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that doesn't make you the next Martha Stewart.

I was at work last week, when this young fashionista decided that when one of the people in the room asked what the sign was for "signs want" she would stand up and emphatically say that it was "wait" because she took two sign language classes in college and SHE KNOWS. I gently say, "in fact that's the sign for WANT not WAIT" and she gets all smug like she'll correct them all and tell them how deplorable I am once I leave. Whatever, chica...I do this FOR. A. LIVING. I have my entire college education devoted to learning sign language..not a few measly electives. I use it every day of my life, not once every three years. But, clearly you must know better than me.

I'm just saying...(sigh)

(Steps down from soapbox.)

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