Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aisle 13

Last night, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items for a project Liam and I are planning to undertake in the next few days. I thought that it would be a 5 minute zip in, zip out trip. But no, the grocery store had other plans. The last item I needed was a bag of marshmallows.

I tried the bakery aisle where they keep every other thing needed for baking: coconut, chocolate chips, nuts, sugar, etc. Not there.

Then, I thought maybe it would be back by the bakery. No!

Cereal aisle? Uh-Uh.

Bread aisle because they are both carbs and soft...no! (sigh)

After 25 minutes of trying to find the marshmallows I caved in and asked. The guy says rather nonchalantly "Aisle 13, bottom shelf.". I turn around looking for this "Aisle 13" vowing that if it is the bakery aisle that I have been in half a dozen times now, I will throw some canned frosting at his head.

It is not, though. It's the diaper aisle. That's right, on the bottom shelf half way back between the diapers and formula lie several bags of marshmallows. I would love to see how this works out to be the best placement for them. I can't imagine all that many people come running in to pick up a box of diapers and/or a can of formula and buy an impulse bag of marshmallows.

C'est la Vie!

I hope to post pix tomorrow of our project tomorrow. Hopefully the buddy will have so much fun, it'll be worth double the trouble.

Meanwhile, that was my first and last trip to that grocery store.

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